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Imagine…. An island with an abundance of natural wonders, rugged mountainous landscape with breathtaking views. Pristine rivers, spectacular waterfalls, fresh water and boiling lakes, valleys and a majestic underwater world. Be an Adventurer and Di...
INSITE INC. – Bois Cotlette Tours
Dating from the early years of French settlement in the 1720’s, Bois Cotlette is one of the oldest surviving estates on Dominica. Nestled in a valley within the active Morne Plat Pays volcanic complex, it is the best preserved example of plantation...

The JTAS Experience is the tale re-told. It is about like-minded people journeying together to experience and enjoy our island-ruggedness, flora and fauna, and local heritage and traditions.

Rainforest Riding is an eco-tourism adventure specializing in horseback riding. Tours highlight the indigenous flora and fauna, local agriculture, historic sites, tropical forests, rivers, beaches and other attractions in and around the Portsmouth area.  Our newest trail includes a scenic ride through Cabrits National Park.

Whitchurch Tours
H.H.V Whitchurch & Co. Ltd was established in 1910 and has grown from being insurance and ships agents into a multifaceted and dynamic company. We employ over 220 Dominicans and are proud of our service to our country. With over 30 years in the ...